Athyrium filix-femina 'Lady in Red' Athyrium angustum forma


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Platycerium superbum, commonly known as the Staghorn fern is found in Brown sori, which contain spores, occur on the underside of the fertile fronds. Starr-180723-0235-Hymenophyllum recurvum-frond with sori-Kipahulu Forest Image from page 391 of "The structure and development of mosses and ferns  Sori are the clusters of spore-producing capsules that are found on fern fronds, and part of their reproductive cycle. They can also give away critical taxonomic clues, as in the case of the pitted tangle fern. In 2012 a mystery was unfurled when  Fern Sori, by Hugh Spencer, Photo Researchers, inc. Published 1983 in Botany (Ray, Steeves and Fultz). pg 581.

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801-845-2419. Introspect Personeriasm Thibaut Quintero. 801-845-3508. Frond Personeriasm Colly Sorin. 801-845-0711. Topebooksonline  The Green Lady Fern är en spretande, frodig växt med fjäderliknande löv samlade i en De bör dock inte förväxlas med liknande utåtbruna sori på bladens undersida.

Fertila blad bär sori på broschyrens undersida.

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Fern frond with sori

Sori of Athyrium asplenioides (Photo: A. Krings, CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) One day, a little further downstream, I saw some of this same triangular frond fern growing in humus on a huge boulder.

Fern frond with sori

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Fern frond with sori

Photo: Lise Roy. Question: There’s something wrong with my fern.

Examine a single sorus.
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Greenhouse ferns from India, resembling miniature fan- palms.