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Parodontala rengöringar utförs som en del av behandlingsregimen för tandkötts- och parodontit, former av parodontisk sjukdom. av N Kazemi — Incidence of bacteremia after chewing, tooth brushing and scaling in individuals with periodontal inflammation. J Clin Periodontol 2006 Jun;33(6):401-407. (40)  Subgingival debridement of periodontal pockets by air polishing in comparison with ultrasonic instrumentation during maintenance therapy. Journal of Clinical  cognitive behavioural strategies in non-surgical periodontal treatment. Journal of clinical periodontology. 2012; 39(7):659-65.

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Pockets are spaces between the teeth and gums where plaque and tartar form. A regular cleaning is what you would usually get when you visit your dentist twice a year. It’s intended to maintain the general cleanliness of your teeth. Your hygienist will go through a strict process to make sure that your mouth is squeaky clean to help fight off gum disease and prevent cavities. Periodontal maintenance should always follow definitive periodontal therapy for a period of time, typically one year or longer.

Gum disease is caused by the germs (bacteria) which live in your mouth. The bacteria stick to your teeth, irritate the gums and make them bleed. Gum disease can eventually destroy the During a periodontal cleaning, you’ll have tartar, also known as calculus, removed both on your teeth and below the gum line.

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caries and periodontal disease in adults. Results after 30 years of maintenance. Journal of Clinical Periodontology 2004;31:749-757.

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Periodontal cleaning

Periodontal cleaning will remove any plaque or tartar accumulation from above and below the gum line preventing the occurrence of periodontitis and gingivitis. Gum pockets are really common but will house bacteria that regular cleaning will not reach. During a routine dental check-up, your dental hygienist will measure the sizes of the pockets by your teeth to detect signs of early periodontal disease – or gum disease. If pockets are deeper than 4-5mm, your dentist will recommend that you get a deep cleaning, otherwise known as scaling and root planing, to combat the issue. How is a Periodontal Cleaning Done? Periodontal cleaning takes place at your dentist’s office as an outpatient dental treatment procedure. You may need to arrange several appointments for the treatment, depending on the severity of your disease.

Periodontal cleaning

The procedure to abate and reverse the gum disease is simply a deeper cleaning of the teeth. With a teeth cleaning the  Gingivitis / Periodontitis. A good way to keep a healthy dental hygiene is always to brush your teeth with toothpaste and to clean the interdental spaces with  A deep cleaning treatment is a specific procedure performed by a dentist to treat gum and periodontal disease. Root planing and scaling are nonsurgical  It is important to remember that periodontitis is a chronic disease, which means that it will return if daily oral hygiene after treatment is neglected or stops. Page 2  for the treatment of chronic periodontitis and were previous periodontal treatment. scaling and root planing in periodontal disease ther-. 1pcs Stainless Steel Dental Periodontal Probe Dental Care Tooth Cleaning Tool Explorer K7X5.
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Periodontal cleaning

The gums and teeth will be a bit sensitive for a couple days after the procedure. Scaling and root planing, also known as conventional periodontal therapy, non-surgical periodontal therapy or deep cleaning, is a procedure involving removal of dental plaque and calculus (scaling or debridement) and then smoothing, or planing, of the (exposed) surfaces of the roots, removing cementum or dentine that is impregnated with calculus, toxins, or microorganisms, the etiologic agents that cause inflammation.

Extreme Dental Cleaning - Deep Cleaning - Severe Periodontal Disease - YouTube. A case of severe calculus/plaque build up."After" photo taken 2 weeks after initial left side cleaning (right side Periodontal Maintenance provided by Traverse City MI Dentist for thorough teeth cleaning to prevent gum disease, decay caused by bacterial plaque.
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In other words, the mouth should be healthy with no bone or gum problems. Depending on your individual condition and needs, Dr. Nguyen may recommend a treatment that’s known by several different names. It’s sometimes called “root planing and scaling”, or a “periodontal cleaning”, or “deep cleaning”.